Creation Banner
See anyone you know in this video? Plan on being part of the experience June 2013!

The Group  - Creation 2012
Creation - Main Stage
Picture of Main Stage from the Mountain overlook - The Philadelphia Project and RPC Youth are camping out 500 feet behind! 
Chercking out the main stage  
Playing Monoploy
A day to just walk around, meet the neighbors, and check things out - or maybe just play a game of monopoly!
Playing slapjack   
Cards can be fun too! The campsite may look disheveled, but it's all about placement, and location.
Creation Tat  "I Love Christ"
Bob D's cool "Creation Tat"                                                       Showing some Love for our Creator
Trying to keep cool                    Waiting for the bands to start
Youth re-committing to the Lord thru Baptism